We are Hugo and Saskia and live togheter with our blackies, in the small village of Haelen witch is located in the southern province Limburg, Netherlands.

In 2001 we fell for our first Black Russian Terrier, and it was love at first site! Since then we have 5 Blackies in our midst, and some may say that we are taken by the Black Russian Terrier bug!! In fact call it a way of life for us, as we are dedicated to the breed!

Our daily activities include walking in trhe vast forests in the neighbourhood, or a swim. Due to the province of Limburg, we have loads of choises were we can let the dogs swim safely.

Our  dogs live in harmony with us in our house, are sociable and enjoy interaction with other dogs and also demand child friendliness.

To keep Black Russian Terriers responsibly we attend obedience classes, this gives us a great opportunity to introduce the breed the breed. We also take place in dog shows, witch take place in many counties in Europe. This to get recognition of our desire to keep the line as pure as possible!

Our dream and goal is to occcasionally have a litter of pups, that are bred for the following: a stable, friendly and sociable dog. Also to keep the line healthy and responsibly!!


Enjoy our website

Hugo and Saskia